One Step Solution for Abroad Dreams

Simple, fast and efficient

6 Simple Steps for Abroad Dreams

Step 1

Apply for the Passport

Step 2

Visit Office and Submit the required Documents

Step 3

Apply for the exam

Step 4

Apply for the Colleges

Step 5

Get i20 from college

Step 6

Apply for Visa

About Us

Ovseas was started with a single - minded focus of providing a One Step Solution For Abroad Dreams. Our core transition lies in ensuring the students make their right choices when they study abroad.

We guide in a right way from very beginning by providing the end-to-end support for admission process to universities abroad - from assistance with university shortlisting , application, educational loans & hassle free visa requirements, we enable an easy transition to the new environment with the support services.

Our existence revolves around our students as we provide the assistance in abroad with our services like currency information, arrangement of accommodation and transportation keeping in mind your preferences.

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